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Ladies Bikes & The Women’s Rights Movement

It is said that bicycles, and indeed ladies bikes, did more for the women’s rights movement than any other factory. Are you cycling yet?   The introduction of the “safety bicycle” in 1885 allowed women to enjoy the freedom and practicality of a bicycle whereas previously it had been a cumbersome endeavor. It was safer and less unwieldy than the previously popularised penny-farthing. This led to greater freedom for women everywhere. As outlined in the fantastic video above by Vox, the bicycle did


A good hybrid bike depends on what each person requires from theirs, but in our opinion it should be light, have a comfortable ride and be practical, so that means mud guards and maybe even a pannier rack for transporting everyday items like a laptop bag etc. For me they should be good at whatever I need it to do, whether riding through the park at weekends with the kids, or commuting to work. Read more about great hybrid


Riding in the dark isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. A lamp lit spin around lanes you know, or off-road – known as night riding – can actually be both liberating and very relaxing, but when the ride is simply about getting home, it can sometimes feel like a race for survival. Here are some tips to keep you safe… 1) Have good lights, that work A good set of lights is your number one requirement for bike safety and safe cycling. If

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Bicycle Theft in Dublin – 20,000 bicycles stolen per year in Dublin! Bicycle theft is a massive issue in Dublin and across Ireland. Only 4,500 bicycle thefts were reported in Dublin in last year. But based on Irish surveys and international experience the actual number of bike thefts in the city “is likely to be in the region of 20,000″, claims the Dublin Cycling Campaign. Around 75% of bicycle thefts in Ireland are reported in Dublin, however the crime is increasing elsewhere — as

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