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If you aren’t familiar with hybrid bikes they are designed to be a crossover between a road bike and a mountain bike; ideal for road and off-road riding. Many models will come with a set of suspension forks to make riding on bumpy terrain much less of a pain and make the overall riding experience much more comfortable, especially if you regularly ride roads with potholes. The tyres on a hybrid bike will be wider and have more tread than a normal road bike, but still narrower than a mountain bike.

The other major difference is the frame of a hybrid bike, which is lighter than most mountain bikes but not quite as light as a road bike, so this will need to be taken into consideration if you are planning on riding long distance then a road bike would probably be better.

A good hybrid bike depends on what each person requires from theirs, but in my opinion it should be light, have a comfortable ride and be practical, so that means mud guards and maybe even a pannier rack for transporting everyday items like a laptop bag etc. For me they should be good at whatever I need it to do, whether riding through the park at weekends with the kids, or commuting to work.

Check out one of our hybrid bicycles. It’s a Claud Butler Odyssey, a fantastic bicycle.

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