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Bike7 50ml Lubricate


Bike7 50ml Lubricate




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Lubricate Quick Dry is an ultra-fine, high-quality lubricant available in drop-by-drop bottles. Its powerful penetration power ensures effective deep lubrication. The Dry version is less sticky than the Lubricate Wet version. This is how Lubricate Quick Dry is perfectly suited to dry atmospheric conditions and / or use in high level competitions. Lubricate Quick Dry perfectly resists water (even in the case of high pressure cleaning!) And protects the chain and the derailleur from the weather.

Size: 50 ml

Key Features:

  • Wipe the chain with a dry, clean cloth to make it dry and clean
  • Pour a few drops of Lubricate Quick Dry on the inside of the chain while slowly turning it 2 to 3 turns
  • Remove any excess product with a clean, dry cloth

50 ml