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Bike7 Lubricant 500ml


Bike7 Lubricant 500ml




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Lubricate is a transparent PTFE-based lubricant for eliminating prolonged friction. Lubricate Dry is an ultra-thin lubricant with a high penetrating power for deep lubrication. The Dry version is less sticky than Lubricate Wet.

Key Features:

  • After a thorough cleaning, your bike also needs to be lubricated
  • Most lubricants are not pressure resistant
  • This means that the lubrication effect is lost as soon as it is put under pressure
  • So choose a durable lubrication with Lubricate

Some Tips:

  • TIP 1: First clean the parts to be lubricated with Bike7 Degrease, then dry with compressed air or let it to dry off by itself.
  • TIP 2: Shake well before use!
  • TIP 3: To guarantee an optimal, lasting lubrication, allow 10 minutes after use before riding.