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Fibrax Insert Brake Pad


Fibrax Insert Brake Pad




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UK Made – Premium Low profile Road Inserts, made for alloy rims featuring our classic X tread pattern to help clear rims.

Our Black (standard compound) pads are great for everyday riding, giving a great amount of “feel” durability and power.

Key Information:

  • Pair of Fibrax brake pad inserts – as used on Brompton bikes until 2017 (so if you have the bronze coloured Brompton brake calipers / pad cartridges, then these are the replacement inserts
  • These pads are also suitable for use on Shimano Dura Ace 6500, 5500 and 7700
  • The old brake pad-insert is removed by using an allen key to loosen an allen bolt, then sliding out the brake pad
  • The new brake pad is then slid into place and the allen bolt re-tightened
  • Replacing just the pad (rather than the pad and holder) saves on having to buy a complete pad and holder set (saving money and the earth)

**Please note: This is just the rubber pad, not the holder / shoe


Tools required

1mm Allen Key (for bolt removal)