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MK3 Roadracer Mudguard


MK3 Roadracer Mudguard




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Keep yourself protected from unwanted spray and dirt with the Mk3 Roadracer Mudguard Set from Crud. A redesign of the traditional mudguard, this set features bolted fixings at the brake bridges and/or rigid plastic utilised in the main arc for optimum protection when tackling rough terrain.

Crud’s Road Racer concept turns orthodox road mudguard designs on their head. The designers at Crud reasoned that if you could float the mudguard off the rim, then you could do away with a lot of the traditional fixings. These mudguards just hover in place so there is nothing to rattle or rub.

Key Features:

  • Hovers in place
  • Nothing to rattle or rub
  • No tools needed
  • Fits bikes with as little as 4 mm clearance
  • Fits up to 38 mm tyre widths
  • Fits with disc brakes

Commuter, Cyclocross, Touring, Road


180g (pair)