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Oxford Pedals And Toe Clips


Oxford Pedals And Toe Clips




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Alloy body pedal, ball bearings, British Standard Reflectors.

A foot retention system of some kind is preferable to platform pedals for anything other than a short ride. The reason is that your pedal stroke, when done correctly and efficiently, will almost completely remove all load from each pedal on the upstroke. You will also pull back slightly at the bottom of the stroke. If you attempt a really efficient pedal stroke using a platform pedal, your foot will invariably go astray on the pedal and this impacts efficiency and causes you to constantly reposition the foot. I don’t think it is possible to quantify this other than to say that it will make a difference on long rides or situations where you are trying to spin very fast.

Key Features:

  • MTB alloy with toe clips / straps
  • Comes with reflectors
  • 9/16 inch